Tonight BBC Radio 4 Covers Captain Britain

Posted by March 28, 2016 Comment

A week ago, Bleeding Cool first ran the news that it looked like someone was making a Captain Britain TV show based on the British comic.

It turned out that they were rather just preparing a pitch. But, as a result of people suddenly asking questions of them, they put out a press release to the British media who, with a varied level of success, ran their own versions of the story. Such as this clip from The Times which seems to ignore the Moore/Davis/Delano runs, Excalibur, Avengers or more recent series with the character. Or that his sister isn’t doing too badly these days.

CentUarXEAEntC2Well, BBC Radio 4’s The World Tonight is also running a piece at the end of tonight’s show. I know, because they just called me up, because Paul Gravett was busy. I spouted something vaguely around the idea of how Captain Britain has been about the powerful getting more powerful, and dealing with that, mentioning Alan Moore and Alan Davis a bit, but it was rather brief.

You can hear BBC Radio 4 Live here (and you always should) and I understand that the Captain Britain bit will be at the end of tonight’s edition.

I hope I’m not too terrible. I wonder what I said?

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