#DCRebirth - Super Sons By Dennis Culver, Jorge Jimenez And Chris Burns?

#DCRebirth – Super Sons By Dennis Culver, Jorge Jimenez And Chris Burns?

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Apologies for missing out Ivan Reis yesterday, announced on Aquaman for DC Rebirth. A product of sickness and exhaustion.

As well as Dan Abnett, Brad Walker, Jesus Merino and Phil Briones, on the book, Geoff Johns will join Dan Abnett for the Rise Of The Seven Seas arc, that will also be drawn by Ivan Reis.

Still, we could be worse. io9 missed out Aquaman entirely.

And SuperDC’s Twitter feed seems to think the Geoff Johns is the Aquaman Shrine web page/Twitter account.

You know, they are not the only ones to have suspected that.


But despite DC Comics not announcing the Super Sons creative line-up (though we tagged the cover artist as being Jorge Jimenez) Newsarama has listed the comic as starting in September by Chris Burns, Dennis Culver and Jorge Jimenez. Could this have been a private press release that hadn’t been redacted before the presentation? Subsequent info?

Also.. Chris Burns? Don’t know the name. They couldn’t mean Charles Burn could they? Or Chris Burnham? Either would be awesome.

Unless of course they were the folk left at the airport…

UPDATE: It has been pointed out to me that this could be Christopher Burns, ex-editor at Boom! Comics and now a comedy producer.

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