Star Trek TV Series Teaser Poster Spotted Online

Star Trek TV Series Teaser Poster Spotted Online

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Empire spotted this teaser poster for next year’s Star Trek television series. Set to premiere on CBS in January, the series will move to the network’s All Access app as a streaming exclusive following the debut episode. While the poster offers little new information, it does advertise the series as “the next chapter” in Star Trek.

TrekposterWhile that phrase might suggest a continuation of the older TV universe, the use of the original Enterprise (and later Starfleet) logo suggests a return to the era of the original series. Or it could be that this version of the logo is the most widely recognized.

But returning to the era of Picard at the end of the 24th Century has some interesting story points. Presumably, the Romulan Empire has been shattered following the destruction of Romulus (as revealed in the Star Trek reboot film), leaving a power imbalance between the major factions of the Alpha Quadrant. It is also possible the long-threatened war between the Romulans and the Federation has finally broken out. That sort of instability could lead to internal conflicts as well.

Then again, that might all be minutia the new creative team led by Bryan Fuller might want to avoid. Perhaps the series will return to the original notion of exploration and noble ideals of fair play. That’s a good reason to invoke to original series’ iconography.

Star Trek returns to television (and makes its streaming debut) in January of 2017.

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