More Pictures Of The Supposedly Leaked NX Controller Have Hit But Report Claims Nintendo Employee Says They’re Fake

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Now this is interesting.

I wasn’t so convinced by the legitimacy of the supposedly leaked photos of the Nintendo NX controller’s that hit a few days ago. It was unconventional, rounded and not very ergonomic. But Nintendo have a history of weird controllers, so it never seemed impossible.

Here is something that may add credence to that original photo. Some more pictures of a similar looking controller have hit thanks to a user on reddit. This comes from perkele37 who says this is a glimpse at the dev kit controller (though not final design). Take a look:




However, now we have a whole other wrinkle to work through. YouTuber Liam Robertson, has claimed to have talked to someone inside Nintendo of Europe, who he says called the controller “completely fake”.

So, we are now somewhat back at square one. Lots of conflicting evidence, and clearly misinformation in some form. Either this is a fairly elaborate hoax, people are hearing the wrong stuff, or no one knows anything. I guess we will have to wait to find out.

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