Destiny’s April Update Breathes Life Into Prison Of Elders And Raises Light Level Cap

Posted by March 24, 2016 Comment

destiny-logo-wallpapers_36550_1920x1080-600x337As promised, thanks to a stream by Bungie, we now know some of the major updates coming to Destiny in the big April update for the game, so lets dive right into it.

During the stream it was announced that the Light Level cap in the game was getting raised to 335, obviously with new ways to get new gear that will facilitate that. To get that gear you will have to partake in the newly revamped Prison of Elders. There are now level 41 and 42 versions of the mode, so those who reach level 40 will find new ways to jump in. On top of that, the Blighted Chalice Strike will be added with boss Malok, with a Taken version of Winter’s Run also coming. There will be a new mission too go and explore too.

Oh, and there will be a shader that turns you into a Taken available too, which sounds pretty nifty.

And there are still two more streams coming in the next two weeks about what is in the update, so we aren’t done yet.

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