The Cybernetic Regulation Act In Cyborg Is A Strong Parallel To The FBI And Apple

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It may have been intended as a general allegory to issues regarding security and freedom being played out on the international stage. But today’s Cyborg #9’s “me too” to Marvel’s Civil War, with its Cybernetic Regulation Act, just got an awful lot more relevant in recent weeks.03_04

The Justice League have his back – until it goes down with Shazam. But we get an indication of what this legislation means for those who have had recent cybernetic prosthethics.

Some people say that losing their phone or their tablet would be like losing an arm or a leg. Cyborg makes that experience a little more literal. And also throws in the idea of internment to boot.

Except, because this is governmental overreach, it goes further. A lot further.03_09a

This does seem to fit in with the idea that the government would like companies such as Apple to, basically work for them as extensions of their own secret service, destroying any trust between them and their customers.

And while paranoia may be discouraged in real life, in comics, it’s utterly essential.


Although, as recent event shave shown us, the FBI may already have this ability without having to do anything. The most unrealistic thing about this issue of Cyborg? That they would feel the need to pass any legislation rather than just going ahead and implanting those chips.

Also this is David Walker‘s final issue… it looks unplanned as it ends on one hell of a cliffhanger, leaving the culmination of this story to another.

Though if that other is Marv Wolfman, well, that would be the person you’d go to…

Cyborg #9 is published today by DC Comics.


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