Six Important Moments From The Flash - Trajectory

Six Important Moments From The Flash – Trajectory

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This article will contain spoilers from the recent episode of The Flash – Trajectory






Photo: Katie Yu/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.
Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

This was a deceptive episode. Going in it seemed to be a bit more fun and light, like a break from all the emotional turmoil that has been going on this season. But instead it turned out to be just as heavy with some pretty relevant debates and emotional reveals. Not sure what I expected from the character of Trajectory, but I was surprised by what we got. Let’s hit the important moments from the episode.

1 – Barry Allen has become obsessed with getting faster to the point he’s trying to jump valleys. When he learns of the existence of Velocity 9 he is upset that he wasn’t told sooner. And even when the dangers are explained to him, he still wants to take it. The serum in a way becomes a metaphor for steriods and the discussion between Barry and Harrison Wells comes across that way too, that Wells thinks Velocity 9 is cheating and you give up part of who you are every time you take it. Which is interesting as he had no problem with Jay Garrick taking it before, even suggested it a few times. Wells finally gets through to Barry to not take it by telling him to be more like Jay… a set up for later.

2 – Wells will only allow his daughter to go out with protection. Jesse Wells hits the club wearing the metahuman watch that Wells designed. But the thing keeps going off while they are at the club, even more so when Wally West shows up. Trajectory shows up for the first time right after, but it seems like the watch may have been reacting to Wally… which makes sense since he eventually gets speedster powers too. But then again, maybe the watch was reacting to Jesse.

3 – The character of Trajectory is not nearly as important as what she means in the episode. She gets the formula from Cailtin Snow to help work on it and reverse engineers it to make more. Except later in the episode when she’s out, she has to go to Caitlin to make more. Trajectory is a scientist named Eliza Harmon who works at Mercury Labs and she appears to be going through a personality split and becomes addicted to the Velocity 9. Whether the split was already there and just made more previlent by the serum or if it was cause by the serum is not clear. But she wants to be fast and wants to cause chaos. Either way, Velocity 9 is not going good things for her.

4 – When Trajectory needs more Velocity 9, she goes to the source and holds a gun on Jesse to force Caitlin and Wells to make more. When they finish, Trajectory doesn’t trust them, so she shoots the serum into Jesse who reacts poorly because it “pure Velocity 9”. Not sure how that differs from what everyone else has been taking… but she starts to seize and a blood tranfusion is necessary. They clear her system using Wells’ blood and she is fine in the end. But she decides to head out and explore the new world, hopping on a bus to Opal City. In the comics Jesse is a speedster and since introducing the character we’ve been waiting for her to get her powers. Maybe as a side effect of the overdose she will get them.

5 – The Flash does what he does best, he pushes himself beyond he limits and ends up catching the faster Trajectory. He has a moment where she is coming off the latest dose of the serum and tries to reason with her. He fails. She takes another dose and starts to run. Her lightning starts to change color, becoming blue like Zoom’s. As she continues to run, her body disintegrates into nothing, leaving her empty suit behind. (Something Jesse Quick might wear.) This is a graphic representation of how Velocity 9 destroys the body.

6 – The episode ends with Barry figuring out why Zoom is so much faster than him, because he takes Velocity 9. Which means that Zoom is Jay Garrick. That the Velocity 9 is killing him and he wants The Flash’s speed to save his life. Cisco Ramon touches the Flash of Earth-2’s helmet and sees Zoom is indeed Garrick. This wasn’t a reveal to viewers as we saw before that Garrick was Zoom, but the connection to the helmet solidifies things. Now there is only the question of the man in the iron mask.

Next week the Flash makes a trip over to CBS to meet Supergirl. It was kind of expected that this episode would lead into the journey, but it makes sense that it doesn’t. I think the visit needs to be self-contained if it’s to win over any of the Supergirl viewers to come back and watch the Flash. Now how he gets back may lead into whatever is happening next week on The Flash as there is something about going to the past and time wraiths.


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