Harley Quinn The Comic, Now Looks More Like The Suicide Squad Movie

Recently we pointed out how Catwoman was going for a look like Michelle Pfeiffer, the actress who once portrayed her in the movie Batman Returns.


Well, we’ve seen how Harley Quinn is looking in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. portrayed by Margot Robbie.


And how it inspired a DC Comics trademark registration. Well, in today’s Harley Quinn comic from Jimmy, Amanda and Chad, the character gets a new hairdo.

Look familiar? Cinematic indeed.

Oh and a new jacket to fit the movie look as well.


Though I think the back of the jacket may be all the comic book’s own design. As it does rather tie in with recent issues.

Something else for DC to trademark?

But the comic book may be getting another new look, courtesy of DC Comics Instagram account

Let’s look at a couple of frames from that…

hq2 hq1

Very GI Joe…

Harley Quinn is published today. 


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