What We Think We Know About DC Comics Rebirth Solicits For June 2016 And Beyond

What We Think We Know About DC Comics Rebirth Solicits For June 2016 And Beyond

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Bleeding Cool was the first site to mention last year that there may be a DC Comics relaunch in June. That the big books would go bi-weekly. And plenty more besides.

DC Universe Rebirth #1
(out in May 25th)
by Geoff Johns, Ethan Van Sciver, Ivan Reis, Gary Frank and Phil Jimenez.
80 pages long

I understand that Geoff Johns has been having long extended meetings with writers, especially over the Rebirth Specials. And they begin in June…

But it is also worth noting that all the non-continuity titles and mini-series, Coming Of Supermen, Legends Of Tomorrow, Poison Ivy, Bombshells, the TV comics, Hanna Barbera and the like will still continue, untouched by Rebirth. In case you were worried.

Rebirth Specials:

Aquaman Rebirth #1
Batman Rebirth #1
The Flash Rebirth #1
Green Arrow Rebirth #1
Green Lanterns Rebirth #1
Superman Rebirth #1
Titans Rebirth #1
Wonder Woman Rebirth #1

New #1 Issues (Shipping Twice Monthly):
Aquaman #1
Batman #1
The Flash #1
Green Arrow #1
Green Lanterns #1
Superman #1
Wonder Woman #1

New Issues (Shipping Twice Monthly):
Action Comics #957
Detective Comics #934

Bleeding Cool believes that Tom King is writing Batman, Marguerite Bennett is writing Wonder Woman, Pete Tomasi is writing Superman, Dan Jurgens is writing Action Comics, that James Tynion IV is on a Batbook. That Marc Silvestri has a Batman project.

And that Scott Snyder has a monthly “deluxe Batman series, at an extended length, with an A-list guest artist list for the comic, as the comic runs through Batman’s rogue gallery, starting with a Two-Face who knows all about your own monster inside…

By the way, the change from Scott Snyder being on Detective Comics, which at one point was utterly locked down, shows that there has and will be change in Rebirth plans. While everything we report has been fed to us from extremely well connected sources – a week is a long time in comic books.

Oh but Alfred will have his hand back.

Rebirth Specials:
Batgirl & The Birds Of Prey Rebirth #1
Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps Rebirth #1
The Hellblazer Rebirth #1
Justice League Rebirth #1
Nightwing Rebirth #1
Red Hood & The Outlaws Rebirth #1

New #1 Issues (Shipping Twice Monthly):
Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps #1
Justice League #1
Nightwing #1

New #1 Issues (Shipping Monthly):
Batgirl #1
Batgirl & The Birds Of Prey #1
The Hellblazer #1
Red Hood & The Outlaws #1
The Super-Man #1
Titans #1

Bleeding Cool believes that Batgirl has a Brazilian creator. And Nightwing is the leader of the Titans.

Unspecified month in the Autumn:

Rebirth Specials:
Batman Beyond Rebirth #1
Blue Beetle Rebirth #1
Cyborg Rebirth #1
Deathstroke Rebirth #1
Earth 2 Rebirth #1
Suicide Squad Rebirth #1
Supergirl Rebirth #1
Teen Titans Rebirth #1
Trinity Rebirth #1

New #1 Issues (Shipping Twice Monthly):
Cyborg #1
Deathstroke #1
Harley Quinn #1
Justice League America #1
Suicide Squad #1

New #1 Issues (Shipping Monthly):
Batman Beyond #1
Blue Beetle #1
Earth 2 #1
Gotham Academy: Next Semester #1
Supergirl #1
Superwoman #1
Super Sons #1
Teen Titans #1
Trinity #1

We know that Rob Williams and Jim Lee are the creative team for Suicide Squad. Bleeding Cool believe that Damian Wayne will lead the Teen Titans, who will also count Starfire as a member.

And Earth 2 may feature the new Justice Society Of America, now revealed as a forgotten super hero team from the forties, brought forward to the present day. And the worldwide memory loss a key part of the DC New 52 not being a reboot anymore…

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