No Inhuman Is Safe From The Watchdogs - Next Week's Agents Of SHIELD Poster...

No Inhuman Is Safe From The Watchdogs – Next Week’s Agents Of SHIELD Poster…

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IMG_0002Welcome to the Watchdogs. In the Marvel comic books, the Watchdogs are a right-wing terrorist group created by Mark Gruenwald, dedicated to restoring and preserving traditional American culture and values, and fighting against indecency, immorality, and sexual perversion.

They believe in strict enforcement of family values, and are violently opposed to pornography, obscenity, sex education, abortion, homosexuality, and the teaching of evolutionary theory, and use terrorist actions to back this up, targeting those who create work they believe to be pornographic, including nude art and sexually explicit music.

They capture prisoners, make them wear dog collars and try to amend their behaviour through electric shocks and fed propaganda.

Lets see how their appearance in Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD differs…

Their first appearance, speculator fans, is Captain America #335.



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