Kidrobot’s New Dunny Is So Cool…It’s Smokin’

A new art piece collectible is available from One of the more pricey I’ve seen in a while, and I guess that’s why they added some epic smoke to the background of the picture…for extra impact.


The name? Mecha Stealth Dunny, and it’s the latest color installment in Frank Kozik’s popular Mecha Dunny series.  Mecha Dunny is a sculpted take on the classic Dunny shape. Standing 8” tall, the collectible comes at a price point of $74.99.

It looks like an angry machine with a rustic metal finish. It’s definitely one of the more unique pieces that I’ve seen from Kidrobot in a while. One could argue that all of the Kidrobot figures are unique, but by their standards this figure is a cut above the rest. If you look at the pictures below you’ll be able to see the detail and why this collectible is just so special. Grab yours here.

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