A Comic Show - Scott Snyder Was Here

A Comic Show – Scott Snyder Was Here

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Aaron Haaland writes,

Hey Fandom! It’s a smaller week of releases with one major book: Batman #50. This is Scott Snyder‘s swan song, he wraps his run, and to me plenty of it had meta or duel meanings. I absolutely loved this run, Gordon Batman and all, and was picking up what Scott was putting down. Batman #50, Wonder Woman #50, and Grayson #18 all came polybagged with Batman vs Superman variant covers underneath. Harley Quinn has cinematic hair for #26, and Starfire volume one is here by the Harley creative team.

Star Wars #17 and Obi-Wan Anakin #3 gave me my galaxy far far away fix. Hyperion #1 is written by Star Wars Aftermath‘s Chuck Wendig. There’s a Mad Max vibe to this first issue. Worst X-Man Ever #2 was even more nostalgic fun that the first. If you’re a 90’s X-Fan you need this book!

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