The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up The Marvel Universe – New OGN By Henderson And North Announced At C2E2

Unbeatable_Squirrel_Girl_OGN_Erica_Henderson_Cover (1)The Punisher Killed The Marvel Universe. So did Deadpool. Sergio Aragones just massacred it.

Well, at the Women Of Marvel panel at C2E2 – the first one at the show –  they announces a new Squirrel Girl original graphic novel, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up The Marvel Universe by Ryan North and Erica Henderson coming out in October.

Entertainment Weekly reports,

The story that North and Henderson are telling pits Squirrel Girl against a new and dangerous enemy: an evil duplicate created through a combination of computer and regular science. “The nice thing about Squirrel Girl is that she’s smart, and she looks for situations that don’t necessarily involve punching people all the time,” said North. “But she’s done all these really amazing things, like take down Thanos and Galactus and all these heavy hitters in the Marvel Universe. And what I think is going to be fun is if there was a version of Squirrel Girl that had all her powers, had her incredible strength and her squirrel ability… but without the restraint and the empathy. That would be a big problem,” he added with a laugh. “And it’ll be fun to see a Squirrel Girl that does punch first and ask questions later. That’s a hard person to stop, I think, but she’s a really powerful character.”

I know someone who’ll like it a lot…

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