Those New Horsemen Of The Apocalypse. And Only One A Mutant…. (SPOILERS)

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As promised…. the four new Horsemen of the Apocalypse, as found knocking around a thousand years in the future, in today’s Extraordinary X-Men #8. And entered into evidence for the prosecution for the “Complex” case against Marvel.


Yeah, that doesn’t help.


Though not everyone is on board in Amazing Spider-Man. But back to the Four Horsemen. So who have we got?


Colossus, Deadpool, Venom and Moon Knight. Whether they are the same individuals as we know from the 20th century, that is to be determined. But Deadpool has a healing factor given to him by the Weapon X program that could extend his life – and did, as we have seen in Deadpool 2099, Venom is basically just whoever that symbiote bonds to, Colossus, well, if he stayed in metal form maybe that could keep him preserved? And Moon Knight is all up in that mystical demigod avatar mumbo jumbo… there are even some notes on the page that this Moon Knight may be female.

But only Colossus is a mutant, in a role previously clearly earmarked for mutants. I don’t know, these mutates/symbiotes/godly avatars come over here, taking our mutants jobs, and Colossus even seems to be stepping in for Apocalypse here that’s classic demarcation, that is. Someone should call a strike.


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