Tony Stark Went To Cambridge University - But Avoided West Ham United

Tony Stark Went To Cambridge University – But Avoided West Ham United

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CBR has been handed a Marvel PR preview of the new series International Iron Man #1 by Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev.

Maleev was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, though he lives in New York, but it gives the comic an excuse to begin its story there…

Before taking a trip back in time to when Tony Stark was a student at Cambridge University…INTLIM2016001-int2-4-b9560

I don’t think it’s been established previously that Stark studied at Cambridge. Previously he was a 15 year old wunderkind who went to MIT, and then worked for his father’s company Stark Industries. Is this another change made at the end of Secret Wars by the Molecule Man and/or Franklin Richards in the nature of the universe? Though I did find this fanfic for a younger sister of Tony Stark going to Cambridge…

The colouring of the fans shirts doesn’t make it clear, but the song being sung is that popularised by the supporters of West Ham United Football Club. Have a listen.


And yes, there used to be a joke about Michael Jackson related to the club.

Okay, back to the comic.


Tony Stark’s actual – or rather “kinda” – trip to Cambridge University was slightly less eventful, as he spoke at the Cambridge University Union. Where he spoke about… …the size of his penis.


“‘They don’t call me throbbing knob for nothing,’ Robert, 49, confidently replied.

So, looks like Bendis got that right too…

International Iron Man #1 is published next Wednesday.

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