Perlmutter DNA "Excluded" From Hate Mail Claims, In Palm Beach Tennis Club Case

Perlmutter DNA “Excluded” From Hate Mail Claims, In Palm Beach Tennis Club Case

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2177439-morlun_05Earlier this week Bleeding Cool reported on a New York Times update, covering a legal case that has taken the best part of the decade.

The case alleges that the notoriously private Isaac “Ike” Perlmutter, CEO of Marvel Entertainment and one of the largest shareholders of Disney, chose to defame a Palm Beach neighbour of his, one Harold Peerenboom by sending out thousands of malicious letters to his friends, neighbours and work colleagues. And this was all over a dispute regarding the management of their nearby tennis club. Bleeding Cool took an active interest in the case when Marvel Comics themselves were involved, subpoenaed by Peerenboom’s legal team to release private e-mails that might mention him.

Part of the case also mentions that Harold Peerenboom secretly obtained the DNA of Isaac Perlmutter’s wife Laura Perlmutter and matched it to saliva on one of the posted pieces of hate mail.

Initially the objection from Perlmutter’s side was interpreted by some as a procedural matter, whether the obtaining of DNA surreptitiously was legal or not, rather than whether it was an accurate match.

Well that changed today, In a statement issued to Bleeding Cool, a representative of Mr Perlmutter stated that,

“There is no evidence of a match with the Perlmutter’s DNA on any of the hate mail. Peerenboom retained a DNA lab in Nevada and the lab director along with his staff, after extensive testing, excluded both Ike and Laura Perlmutter as donors of the DNA found on the hate mail. The Perlmutters are very troubled that their DNA, as well as that of at least 10 other Palm Beach residents, was secretly collected by Harold Peerenboom without their consent in an attempt to gain an improper advantage in his spurious lawsuit against them.”

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