"Oh Mylanta!" A Fuller House Season 1 Review

“Oh Mylanta!” A Fuller House Season 1 Review

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You’re all probably wondering what’s taken me so long to write a Fuller House review. Well, the answer is, I wanted to wait until enough time had passed so I could discuss all aspects of the show without spoiling too much. Here’s a spoiler warning just in case…


Now that we’ve taken care of that, I give you…this…

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 12.26.50 PM

Yep, that’s Danny Tanne (Bob Saget) in a “sofa blazer,” gifted to him by his daughter Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin). That’s just one of the many laugh out loud moments from Fuller House Season 1, but let’s start from the beginning…

Fuller House

We waited a long time for the reunion of the Full House cast and we finally got it. The first episode brought together the whole family (minus Michelle), including the original Nicky and Alex. But they weren’t staying for long as Danny, Joey, Jesse, and Becky were all moving away for new jobs. Granted, they would all still be close by with Danny, Jesse, and Becky in LA and Joey in Vegas. This left newly widowed, now single mom D.J. to take care of her three boys on her own. Luckily, Stephanie, a struggling musician, and best friend Kimmy Gibbler decide to move in and help out. The result? Thirteen episodes that stand up to the original series.


It felt nice to have the original cast back for the premiere episode, but what I was really interested in was how the new cast would translate. Would their storylines be just as engaging as the old show was, or would we be left feeling unsatisfied? In Full House we had two avenues to keep the story balanced, the adults and the kids.

The kids knocked it out of the park in Fuller House, especially Max. I found their storylines to be funny and very entertaining. As far as the adults go, I’ll say that I was 85% satisfied. I didn’t care much for Fernando’s character, but I did enjoy Kimmy’s overall spirit which stayed true to her reputation. Stephanie’s story was by far my favorite, and I feel like moving forward her character has the most potential for growth. Much like Uncle Jesse in the original series, she has some habits and unfortunate circumstances putting her in a unique position. Then there’s D.J., who is no doubt the central focus of the show. The core of her story over thirteen episodes is a rivalry between ex-boyfriend Steve and new interest Matt.


Most of us have a soft spot for Steve…how could we not? But a Twitter poll revealed that the fans were totally on Team Matt.


I struggled with the whole debate myself because while I love Steve’s character, his adult self is kind of annoying. He came across desperate and kind of annoying. The romance between Matt and D.J. felt fresh and hopeful. The end of the season didn’t bring a final decision, so the rivalry will no doubt continue in season two.

Overall, I feel very positive about the show. Netflix has given an opportunity for a new generation to enjoy a great family show, and I’m glad that long time fans can experience more of it too. I’m incredibly thrilled that the show was renewed for a second season so soon after the release. Fuller House fills me with the same joyous feelings that Full House brought into my life. Let the countdown to Fuller House Season Two begin!

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