Cover Variance – John Tyler Christopher, Lee Bermejo And Power Rangers

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This Batman #50/Superman #50 set exclusive retailer  may be harder to get than some…BM_CV50_ALCA_PARIS COMICS EXPO

As they are exclusive, by Lee Bermejo, for the Paris Comic Expo next month.A4_BERMEJO_210x284-page-001

Might be worth taking the Eurostar over for…

Image Comics, though eschewing the retailer exclusive variant cover have less issues with a convention exclusive cover.  Circuit Breaker #1 by Kevin McCarthy and Kyle Baker gets a Kyle Baker WonderCon Variant priced at $10.

  • While Tokyo Ghost HC by Rick Remender and Sean Gordon Murphy gets a Sean Gordon Murphy Convention Variant for $35.

While it looks like Exceed Comics isn’t the only one with an exclusive cover for Power Rangers #2, only this one from Ultimate Comics of North Carolina, theirs only has the store logo on the back…
JC_DragonzordLayout_ROUGH-01a (1)

The one-copy-a-week release for the Veronica Fish variant of Power Rangers #1 has sold its first copy for $190 on eBay.

And John Tyler Christopher of action figure variant fame is releasing his own “negative” variant cover for Black Panther #1.


And later today, will announce a black and white Star Wars: Poe Dameron Action Figure variant later today for pre-order – can we expect a five minute sell-out like last time?


Our new favorite X-Wing Pilot will be appearing in a limited edition noir style cover. For everyone who has bought from me in the past, you will also be eligible for 1 copy during the Pre-Pre Sale, which begins on Friday, March 11th at 12:00pm noon EST. The Pre-Sale of the book will be open to the public later the same day, Friday, March 11th at 6:00pm EST.


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