When Sexy Dogwelder Welded A Dog To John McCrea's Face

When Sexy Dogwelder Welded A Dog To John McCrea’s Face

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It seems a peculiarly American choice for a Hallowe’en costume to take the outfit of a trade, cut about 9/10 of it away and call it “sexy”. Sexy nurse, sexy firefighter, sexy cowboy, sexy plumber, etc.

But no one had done “sexy Dogwelder”.

That was until Kelly Kanayama took to the London Super Comic Con a few weeks back, dressed as the character from Hitman and Section Eight.



See how she compares…1327892-dogwelder1

Well, there’s only one person she had to impress. Dogwelder co-creator John McCrea.

John even helped out with the Photoshop effects… CdHchHDWoAETD2T

Sexy Dogwelder, folks!

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