Today, Doctor Strange Destroys Harry Potter

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Doctor Strange #6, out today from Marvel, sees an epilogue by Jason Aaron, Mike Deodato, Jorge Fornes, Kev Walker and Kev Nowlan, looking at the affects of the main storyline, The Death Of Magic, on the rest of the world.


They’ve even noticed there are problems over in Uncanny Avengers today, with the Brothers Voodoo…


It is in part tragic, funny, and poignant. But one of the many effects felt by the world at large are upon on one small boy…


Note the plaster on his forehead, hiding a trademark-able scar. And Surrey was the location of Little Whinging, the home of the Durseleys, where this Harry Potter, it seems, is destined to end his days…. unless he does himself in, with that sharpened stick…

Not the first time a comic book has taken aim at Harry Potter, of course. At least he’s not the Anti-Christ this time.

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. With a big Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #50 signing with James Roberts an an exclusive Orbital cover, this Saturday.





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