The Biggest Harley Quinn Fan Of The Last Week Gets A Phonecall…

Jesse James of Jesse James Comics writes,

The one thing about owning a Comic Book store, everyday is a new exciting bonanza, full of surprises. However, with all we do, talking to publishers or creators and the daily duties and responsibilities, it becomes, somewhat, a normal day. Then, there are the moments that energizes our beliefs and our faith in both foundation and culture of our great industry. This is one of them.

Shana is a new Harley Quinn fan……..Well, let’s change that to ultimate Harley Quinn fan. Over the last week she has been at the store 5 times filling in her Harley Comics. However, Not only is she a Huge Harley Fan, she is a Chad Hardin fan even more…….

Well, guess who called her while she was shopping? You guessed it, Chad Hardin. Though, we shot the surprise on video, we wanted it to be her moment. So this is a screenshot, the moment of shock, awe and a fan trying to hold back the tears while she talks to her favorite artist/creator.


I have always said, “The Happiest fan, is a fan that has a bag full of comics” …. A fan with a bag full of their favorite comics and a phone conversation with their favorite artist….well I would say that Priceless.
No matter what you hear or read, there are always Greater stories in our industry than you could ever imagine.


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