Six Important Moments From Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD - Bouncing Back

Six Important Moments From Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD – Bouncing Back

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This article contains spoilers for the Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD episode, Bouncing Back.







Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has returned and we pick up with a visit by the President of the MCU played by William Sadler. The long hiatus was shaken off quickly by introducing us to two new Inhumans and moving things forward between Coulson and Gideon Malick. Let’s get to the important moments.

1 – Phil Coulson has a meeting with President Ellis inside Rosalind Price’s apartment, in front of the spot where she died. Ellis is worried about the growing number of Inhumans and unofficially gives Coulson the directive to get the situation under control. He can’t officially acknowledge S.H.I.E.L.D.’s existence, but he can support them through ATCU. This basically gives SHIELD back its charter and purpose without having to look over their shoulder all the time.

2 – Bobbi Morse, Lance Hunter and Alphonso “Mack” Mackenzie head down to Bogata, Colombia to investigate a possible Inhuman. Mack stumbles across Elena Rodriguez / Slingshot who uses her powers to kidnap him. Slingshot’s ability is pretty unique, she can move very fast and at whatever distance she can cover in a single heartbeat, then is returned to where she started from. She was one of the Secret Warriors from the comics, but in the comics she is Puerto Rican not Colombian.

3 – Coulson decides to use Werner Von Strucker and the mind probing machine from season one to try and get a lead on Malick. The machine starts in and Von Strucker gets stuck on a traumatic moment, forcing Lincoln Campbell to shock him to get his neural pathways to change. You can see Campbell doesn’t want to do it, but he gives in and they get a lead on Malick.

4 – We learn that the police are bad guys and they have an Inhuman of their own. The police inhuman doesn’t get a name, but his powers are from his eyes and he has the ability to freeze someone in place. He is able to capture Bobbi and Lance and kill off Slingshot’s cousin. This gives Mack the opening to get through to Slingshot about SHIELD.

5 – Daisy Johnson, Joey Gutierrez, Mack and Slingshot go to get Bobbi and Lance back. This is the first real team up of the Secret Warriors working together and they do a good job. Slingshot proves herself and becomes part of the team that they can call when they need her. It also changes how the team works, allowing Joey to go home to his family as well. As they are leaving the station, HYDRA shows up and steals the unnamed Inhuman and take off.

6 – We end with Malick and Mr. Giyera standing with what used to be Grant Ward but is now HIVE. The creature is still regaining strength, but the episode ends with HIVE turning his hand into dust and it heading towards Giyera in an effort to prove himself to the two men.

The episode changed the dynamic for SHIELD going forward, which tends to happen about twice a season anyway. It caught us up on everything and we see both sides are trying to stockpile powered people. But it also leaves open the question of when we’re going to get the more humorous Coulson back… and why did Hydra fly all the way to Colombia with the equivalent of a claw machine only to grab one of the four Inhumans standing right next to each other inside the police station? Seems like someone should have had another dollar to try the claw again.


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