How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria Hill? (Standoff Spoilers)

Maria Hill was created to be the new director of SHIELD, (replacing Nick Fury in the role in the Marvel Universe. And making the kind of morally ambiguous decisions Fury was known for.

Avengers Standoff has seen her keep a project to manipulate reality with cosmic cubes, and retcon anything away that SHIELD considers a threat, portray her far more as a totalitarian. With Pleasant Hill, a SHIELD operation that wipes away supervillains’ memories and keep them in blissful ignorance being described as… what was it, Rogue?


That’s the one. Phil Coulson is clear, Maria is the bad girl in all this.
IMG_0026 But back over in Uncanny Avengers, Maria Hill seems to be playing a different role, one of escapee. 
IMG_0042Is this the real Maria Hill? I only ask, because back over in Agents Of SHIELDIMG_0029They’re doing a lot of messing around with Life Model Decoys.


And while Phil can tell them apart…. a newly powered up telepath empath may find it harder with, I don;t know, a shapeshifter – or someone using one of those holo-emitters from Pleasant Hill… and after all, the issue does end with this revelation.

Or is the actual Maria Hill? Whose Maria is it anyway? Of course Ms Marvel never has this kind of problem…


…well, I mean, not every day.

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. With a big Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #50 signing with James Roberts an an exclusive Orbital cover, this Saturday.


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