Get A Free New Map In Star Wars: Battlefront Now

Posted by March 9, 2016 Comment

star_wars_battlefront_jakku_2-600x338Star Wars: Battlefront has a very pricey Season Pass, but the game has been pretty decent at providing free updates for every one. The Battle of Jakku came just prior to The Force Awaken‘s release for free last year, and there have been other little bits added to the game as it has gone on.

Some more has just been add now too. A whole new map set on Endor, as well as a new Tatooine mission have been put in the game for free. In a release, the two new pieces of content were described as:

New Mission: Rebel Depot on Tatooine added as a new Survival Mission.
New Map: Survivors of Endor added to Walker Assault, Supremacy, and Turning Point.

So why not boot the game up again and see what you get? It won’t cost you anything.

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