Batman V Superman Lex OS Website Launches With Cognitive Study

Posted by March 9, 2016 Comment

indexThe Lex OS site has opened for business (spotted by Comic Book Movie), claiming to be in search of volunteers to help train the new operating to think like a human.

On the pretense of creating a more secure neural network operating system, the site invites beta testers to participate in an number of logic games to teach the system how humans solve problems. The cognitive study begins with five tests, but promises more. At the end of this first round of tests, players are awarded with a level 2 clearance, but not much else. Of course, there could be plenty to learn just under the surface.

It is unclear what secrets may yet be uncovered by playing the Lex OS game, but it may provide a fun diversion while fans await Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘s release on March 25th.

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