David Hayter Is Back In The Booth Doing Something Metal Gear Solid Related [Updated]

Posted by March 8, 2016 Comment

David Hayter famously has been the voice of Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Of course, he was dropped from Metal Gear Solid V in favour of Hideo Kojima getting Keifer Sutherland on board, but it’s been clear that Hayter has wanted to stick with the franchise since.

And it seems he is…for something. In a tweet yesterday, he let out this little bit of script, saying he was back in the booth for the character.

Now the question is, what is this for? I suppose it could be another game in the franchise, of which Konami have said they are considering, but that seems unlikely given the state of that company’s seeming non-interest in making games going forward. Perhaps an anime? A cameo in another game? An advert? Who knows. We will just have to wait for this one.

Updated: As pointed out by VG247, it would appear that this recording was a challenge set for Hayter, in a bid to support the Kickstarter for the The Antaeus Theatre Company to find a new home. A noble cause, but I’m sure not the one people were hoping for.

Still, a neat little aside no?

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