Wizard World Weddings Launches Comic Con Services


Bleeding Cool has run a number of stories where people hold weddings during comic book conventions or events, with all manner of dress codes….


Well, now Wizard World are making it official, working with noel.events to bring themed weddings to their shows as Wizard World Weddings .

slideshow-one1So if you want a wedding album to show your kids of your unforgettable day, ahead of them saying “Mum, Dad (or Mum, Mum, or Dad, Dad, or even non gender-specific parental nomenclatures, there are plenty of options) that is so tragic.” And they’ll have a point.
teamtryouts-superheroes But who cares, this is your special day and if you want to spend it at a comic book convention ripping your tuxedo open to reveal your superhero identity…

slideshow-fourOr lifting your veil to show off your domino mask underneath…


Then a Wizard World Wedding it is! Hey, maybe you can get Lou Ferrigno to officiate. “Do you, Batman take this Robin, to be your lawful wedded sidekick?”batman-reserve


“What are you, retarded or something, I’m the Goddamn Batman, of course I do.”

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