Orange Is The New Catwoman - Preview Pages For This Week's Catwoman #50

Orange Is The New Catwoman – Preview Pages For This Week’s Catwoman #50

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CTW_Cv50_ds_56d9ee6a48ba12.84099088DC Comics’ fiftieth issues of the New 52 continue. Unlike most of the others, Catwoman #50 doesn’t seem to have Selina Kyle meeting any previous versions of herself – but she does a fine job keeping her dye job going so convincingly behind bars.

CTW_50_1_56d9ee68559f19.41619967 Friends in low places?CTW_50_2_56d9ee68245513.06050482

In this issue of Catwoman #50, Selina Kyle is behind bars, trapped with convicts and guards who are after a bounty that Penguin has put on her life. However, Selina knows he’s really after the stolen Frost Diamond, which is far more valuable to him than any other jewel, and is safe until its recovered.


As a couple of Penguin’s henchmen close in, Catwoman must trust in a mysterious “Mr. Blond” and a few unexpected friends to break her out of prison, and use her cunning to stay ahead in this deadly game. See more from writer Frank Tieri, and artists Inaki Miranda and Geraldo Borges (pencils, inks), Eva De La Cruz and Blond (colors), and Travis Lanham (letters) in this week’s CATWOMAN #50!

CTW_50_4_56d9ee61394856.00555919It all looks like it’s going to get rather nasty…

CTW_50_5_56d9ee5ef25982.90398036Out in Wednesday…



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