"I Don't Think We're In Maine Anymore." Once Upon A Time's 100th Episode

“I Don’t Think We’re In Maine Anymore.” Once Upon A Time’s 100th Episode

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Season 5B of Once Upon a Time began last night and it just happened to also be the 100th episode. So, was it worth all of the hype? The months and months of contemplating what would come of Hook? Why yes it was.



Oh, the cameos! Thank you Once Upon a Time writers. I nearly jumped out of my skin upon seeing Neil at the start of the episode. Tears weld up in my eyes the moment he started to speak. I love how much closure Emma got from this scene.


I don’t care much for Cora…but Peter Pan. Well, he’s always fun to see. I also have a soft spot for the Magic Mirror appearance. The writers did a great job of having each cameo actually mean something. Every character that’s alive, visiting from Storybrooke, seemed to have someone to connect with below.


I had expressed a lot of concern for the second half of the fifth season. I felt like the writers took the easy way out at the end of the first half. However, this episode felt fresh, intense, and emotional. We didn’t get much Hook…in fact, this is all we got.

But that’s to be expected. It would have been honestly disappointing had there been a resolution right off the bat. It looks like the Underworld mission or “Operation Firebird” has a lot of layers. I’m thrilled about Hades being the central villain. Overall, I think it was an excellent, satisfying 100th episode and I’m psyched for the rest of the season. Be sure to catch Once Upon a Time on Sundays at 8pm on ABC.

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