The Upcoming Choices Of Frank Cho

The Upcoming Choices Of Frank Cho

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Frank Cho has come to the end of his current Marvel Comics contract and is wondering what to focus on next.

He may have finished his final pages on Totally Awesome Hulk, but he’ll still be doing covers for Marvel. There are, however, a number of other projects with his name on.


There’s Skybourne from Boom! that was rather delayed by the Hulk project – the story of a god trying to find the one weapon that can kill him, Excalibur. But he’s not the only person who wants it…

Then there’s World Of Payne with Tom Sniegoskipart prose and part graphic novel or Flesk Publications.

It’s a story of psychic private investigator, Lockwood Payne, who is actually a modern day sorcerer from an ancient society of witches and wizards and his strange misadventures in the world of the occult and unrealities. Along the way, he’s helped by his ever-loyal and unflappable friend, Doctor Hurt, an urgent care doctor in the strip mall next door to Payne’s office, and the beautiful Michelle, a witch-in-training.

And there’s still Guns And Dinos for Image Comics, which was never published.

Place your bets, folks, place your bets….




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