Domino Rumored For Deadpool Sequel

dominoWhile it is pretty clear that the man called Cable will likely appear in the Deadpool sequel, some wonder if there will be room for other members of X-Force.

Sources tell Heroic Hollywood that Domino will also be featured in the film. Of course, with the script still in development, it cannot be confirmed. And really, just about any member of the team — or at least Cable’s team — could make an appearance. According to earlier reports, Kane was slotted to appear in the first film, but later deleted due to budgetary concerns.

And while fans of the X-Force characters would love to see more of them make their way to the screen, would it be a case of too many mutants?

Part of Deadpool‘s success was certainly staying light on marquee characters and using the few who appear to highlight just how different Deadpool is from the rest of Marvel’s Mighty Mutants. With Cable presumably playing the straightman, would Domino be a worthwhile addition?