Third Wolverine Always Intended For R-Rated Intensity

wolverine3When a pamphlet passed out during Toy Fair New York on the weekend of Deadpool‘s record-breaking debut listed Wolverine 3 with an expected R-rating, many assumed it was in direct response to the Merc with a Mouth’s success.

It was also the first public acknowledgement that the third Wolverine solo film might exceed the level of violence featured in its predecessors. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, director James Mangold and star Hugh Jackman always intended the film to extend past the series’ usual threshold of graphic content and language.

The film is also intended to be the swansong of Jackman as everyone’s favorite X-Man. Rumors suggest the film will be based on the Old Man Logan storyline published by Marvel Comics and close out the loose story arc which began in the original X-Men film.

Production is expected to start next month with a March 3rd, 2017 release date.