Hey Studio Bosses? Your Next Deadpool Is Right Here…

WqkntkwHitman. By the creator of Preacher, Garth Ennis, and his longstanding collaborator, John McCrea.

About a, well, hitman, granted powers of X-Ray vision and slight telepathy, which comes in rather useful in his career. An Irish man Tommy Monaghan, working in New York.

Set in the DC Comics universe, specifically Gotham City, he ends up interacting with superheroes and villains of the world – and at one point throws up over Batman.

Because, yes, it’s that kind of comic. Raucous, drunken, abusive, silly but at its heart – a very big heart indeed.

Warners has the rights, but they have licensed such rights to other studios before. And as this mocked up poster shows, it does have a certain appeal….

The image in question was tweeted out by a very anonymous Twitter user. I wonder….

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