What If There Were A Comic Con Exclusive So Desirable That No One Put It On eBay?

What If There Were A Comic Con Exclusive So Desirable That No One Put It On eBay?

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KEV O NEILL - SMALL WEB SIZE CINEMA PURGATORIO LAUNCH - LSCC -PROMOTOPIA PICTURES - BLEEDING COOLAt the London Super Comic Con, one of the largest queues of the show was for Kevin O’Neill (above) at the Avatar Press booth. Avatar Press own Bleeding Cool, so I was able to watch it grow and pulsate through the hours he was there.

The hot item was the Cinema Purgatorio deluxe hardcover anthology comic, pre-ordered on Kickstarter, with plenty of people able to pick up their copy at the show, days after funding it. Which made a nice change. And getting it signed.

It was being solf dor £25 there and then – as well as allowing people to then get other works by Kevin signed.

And I expected the inevitable. A limited edition, signed, hardcover deluxe run of a book three months ahead of the standard version going on sale in comic shops, with new unseen work by Alan Moore, Kevin O’Neill, Max Brooks, Kieron Gillen, Christos Gage, that it would instantly be put on eBay and be flipped for a serious amount of money, given its very limited print run.

Except that simply hasn’t happened. No one has put up a copy in eBay. There are lots of searches, but no copy being offered in this fashion, two days after the show ends.

That’s not what normally happens. Usually people pick up one or two and flip them. Such exclusive limited editions can often pay for someone to go to the show in the first place.

But Cinema Purgatorio? Not one copy on eBay. No one seems to want to even give their copy up.

So if you do want a copy, didn’t back the Kickstarter and don’t want to wait three months, you only have one choice.


I’ll be reviewing my copy later…

Photo courtesy of Promotopia Pictures.

UPDATE: and the first is off the block….

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