It's Not Puppy Surprise…It's Labbits & Littens!

I'm sure you all remember that fun Puppy Surprise toy from childhood, or perhaps you bought it for your kid. The toy came with a mother dog and inside the stomach, was a surprise number of puppies. Here's a little reminder…


Why do I bring up the nostalgic toy, you ask? Well, it looks like Kidrobot has taken a page from their book with their new Labbits & Littens toy! The 24" plush Stache Labbit is the first of it's kind, coming with five adorable baby Labbits, also known as Littons. Zipped in the 24" Labbit's pink satin-lined tummy you will find the five removable 4" Littons inside. The price point is $150.00.

Grab yours here!

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