The Return Of Legacy – And $2.99 – To DC Comics With New #1s – Geoff Johns On Rebirth

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool told you that DC Comics’ Rebirth would be announced today at ComicsPRO in Portland. And so it is being.

We told you that the spin would be the best of the New 52 and DC You, but bringing back classic elements wanted by fans. And that is the approach Geoff Johns is pushing.

In an interview given to CBR by DC PR and COO Geoff Johns, and a video viewed by the site, it begins with DC Universe Rebirth,” an 80-page one-shot scheduled for release on May 25, by Johns  Ethan Van Sciver, Ivan Reis, Gary Frank and Phil Jimenez.

Geoff Johns will no longer be writing Justice League, including the #51 solicited for May. He will end his run with #50.

All the main DC Comics titles will then be renumbered with new issue 1s, aside from Action Comics and Detective Comics which will be renumbered for where they would be by now if the New 52 never happened, issues  #957 and #934.

All regular DC titles will return to a $2.99 price point and certain titles will move to a bi-weekly schedule.

And it’s all about restoring “Legacy” to the DC Universe. Whether that means the return of the memory of the JSA, as we are also getting the memory of the original Teen Titans in Titans Hunt as we have speculated, we wait to discover.

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