Now Anyone Can Be The Black Panther (Aged 4-6)


Ahead of the new Captain America: Civil War movie, here’s a look at some of the merchandise being created for kids alongside it. 12735908_10153496424636359_463572835_nIt must have been an interesting conversation in the design agency.

“Black Panther is a black character, isn’t it racist to have a white kid modelling it on the packaging?”

“Isn’t it more racist to imply that only black children can buy Black Panther merchandise? Anyway, haven’t we had black kids on the packaging wearing white character’s accessories?”


“Ah, well, we can’t go back in time. Whatever we do, people on the internet will say we’re racist.”

“So… given that they say we are going to be racist anyway… which version will sell more?”

And that was all that needed to be said.


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