Marvel's Hercules Comic, A Little More LGBTQI Than You May Have Been Led To Think

Marvel’s Hercules Comic, A Little More LGBTQI Than You May Have Been Led To Think

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When Marvel launched the comic book Hercules, Marvel was initially applauded for publishing a comic with a lead bisexual character.

The problem was that the creators, editor and publisher had forgotten that a previous comic had suggested that Hercules was bisexual, with Northstar as one of his previous lovers.

And Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso came straight out with it saying that he wasn’t bisexual. Even though later he would be uncomfortable with saying that Angela was bisexual, because of “labels”.

There were articles. Lots of articles.

Well, while the Hercules situation isn’t changing regarding his own sexuality, it does now have a major cast member who is trans/gender fluid/intersex, however you might like to define their state of being.

Because while Marvel aren’t as happy at representing Hercules’ mythical history as a bisexual god, they are less concerned it seems about Tiresius. Classically the blind prophet of Apollo, Tiresius was a man who transformed by the gods into a woman for seven years, and lived with that experience.

And here Tiresius is still around, an immortal seer, albeit it one who seems to have transfixed on punk-era London. From Hercules #2.

Hercules (2015-) 002-016 And we may even get a glimpse at problems with the state of magic in the Marvel Universe right now.

Hercules (2015-) 002-017

Of course, there is trouble and Tiresius sees it coming. Which means a little in the Basil Exposition manner in Hercules #3, including the reason Hercules uses male pronouns to describe Tiresius.

Hercules (2015-) 003-014

But that may not be an issue. Again, there are a lack of labels. Some may also have issues regarding the character’s appearance and immediate hospitalisation.

But for those that have dismissed the comic for abandoning one aspect, they may be missing out on a representation of another.

If nothing else, I thought it deserved… an article.

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