Tuesday Morning Runaround – Your Big Gay Mormon Superhero

It’s a while since we’ve done this. But I’ve missed it and the bosses at Bleeding Cool have asked if I’d try it again. So, here we go, an early morning runaround of comic book stuff that may not merit a headline in itself, be being covered elsewhere, or is just looking for a home. If you see anything that might suit, feel free to send it in to richjohnston@gmail.com….

Post January Blues

Former Drawn + Quarterly publisher Chris Oliveros‘ debut graphic novel, “The Envelope Manufacturer,” arrives in mid-January. He talked to CBR,

Art from Chris Oliveros' "The Envelope Manufacturer"Chris Oliveros: I’ve always had some degree of fascination with small businesses in regards to how they operate and what keeps them running. I have a particular fondness for the kind of oddball businesses that seem to have defied everything by sticking around despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles and changes in the economy. So a story focused on this subject came very naturally to me, although I guess I’m somewhat amused by the prospect that some readers may take the liberty of interpreting this book as a sort of exposé of my own experiences with Drawn + Quarterly. Sure, there are general similarities in regards to some of the bases covered: cash flow and accounts payable issues, the type of things that are not unique to any businesses that have survived for several decades. But beyond that, I’d like to think that I haven’t completely lost my mind like the main character in this book, and that readers won’t be taking all of this too literally!

Utah Saint


Is it time for a gay Mormon superhero? It probably is, yes…

Called Stripling Warrior, the project from So Super Duper Comics follows Sam Shepard, a happily out newlywed who receives a visit from an angel on his wedding night calling him, in the words of author Brian Andersen, to be “the hand of God on earth.”

The series, illustrated by James Neish, is meant to be an exploration of the mythology of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints through a queer lens.

“Basically, I wanted to mine the religious lore and mythology of the Mormon Church to empower a homosexual hero — to show that a gay character is every bit as worthy in the eyes of God as any heterosexual one,” Andersen told The Huffington Post.

Sign Of The Devil

This is what happens when you all demand McFarlane’s autographs…

Manwha Mews

South Korean web cartoons, will be on display on the streets of Angouleme for the festival this week.

The purpose is to aid South Korean webtoons’ entry into the European market, the ministry said.

South Korean web comic artists Uksoo and Lee Jong-beom have been invited to demonstrate web comics drawing, with artwork tying webtoon and media art in together also to be showcased.

Still Inking

Kev Walker has a Birthday…

A big THANK YOU to everyone who wished me happy birthday. I’m overwhelmed. Today I had a lie in, inked comic pages all afternoon (in case my editor at Marvel reads this 😊) Got lots of presents from my brilliant family, went out for a meal and finally got round to seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens on the big screen. I had a fantastic day.

San Diego Volunteer registrations are almost happening…

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