When Retailers Talk DC Comics Rebirth....

When Retailers Talk DC Comics Rebirth….

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So, some retailers have been chatting on Facebook about the upcoming DC Rebirth – whatever it is.

Dennis Barger: your decision to take an already failed relaunch of ‪#‎new52‬ (which only has 12 that are actually still around) and attempt to ‪#‎rebirth‬ it seems even more desperate than what you have been doing for the last year. ‪#‎dcyou‬ ‪#‎dk3‬ no wait and ‪#‎dk4‬ has forced me to reassess my entire product mix in my store as it pertains to your “product”. Effective immediately I am cutting all DC comics to 1 week sell through, no wall copies after 1 week will be my goal. As my and most of my your current customers have expressed through social media, they will not give this nonsense a try, they are done with you and so am I.‪#‎dianenelson‬ your failure to see that ‪#‎dandidio‬ is a visionless captain of the listless ship spinning uncontrollably into a void. Everything is not alright with your company ‪#‎kevintsujihara‬ and I for one will not pay into your frantic attempts to keep from drowning. As a comic retailer I will place a vote of no confidence with my orders and you can decide if your faith is‪#‎didio‬ is well founded. ‪#‎firedidio‬ come up with a better plan and let get back to selling comic books.
Who else is with me???

Some not all.

Jesse James: WE have officially cut all orders to box holders and 5 copies for the display. This will reduce our orders by a little over 200+ copies a week. This will free up money that will be put in with other Publishers. In 3 days box holders have dropped a combined order of 75 issues of Dc. Now since Dc Comics is our 6th best selling publisher I probably should have done this earlier to begin with, anyways. I wish I could say that I decided to do this, but this was decide by our customers. P.S. HARLEY QUINN FANS you can ignore this post.. we will continue over buying on this title…

Chris Rupps: Wow. I have not experienced anything like this with our customers.
I will agree that DC (outside of Batman related) seem to have lost their way. I’ll talk with my manager to get a better feel. And I know he is not too supportive of DC currently either.

Dennis L Barger Jr: I look at it from past experience. Bleeding Cool reported on new 52 in May, I didn’t proactively watch my orders, kept ordering the same, when they officially announced in July it was too late most August focs had been done at that point. When fans saw that July and August books would have little in the way of sustaining content they dropped books proactively. Yes they stormed the doors for issue one, stated in for most books for 3 issues, but by issue 4 we all knew what we had wasted money on, returned the duds (which is just like loaning them money at a reverse interest rate on you for labor and shipping). I for one will not be caught with my pants down to f-ck me like the last time. We’ve seen this before and I want all my brother and sister retailers to be aware that it’s not wise to continue to trust these clowns.

Larry Doherty The DC rebirth is all the buzz in the shop.
Some hate it, others are interested. Nobody can ignore it…

The big two are making so much cash in other areas, the comics are an afterthought.

This will increase their market share.


We are, Larry we are!

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