#ComicTalk Vs The Press


Jamie Me writes,

This weekend I’m running a press related #ComicTalk on Twitter. I thought I’d write to Bleeding Cool readers and explain what #ComicTalk is, why we are talking about the press and hopefully get a few new members to join our indie comic movement.

What is #ComicTalk? It’s a weekly Twitter chat that I host. All you need is an account on the microblogging site, to follow @JamieMeWrites and answer questions I post starting at 10.00am PST (1800 GMT). The event itself was designed to get creators, of all stages, and readers to gather every weekend to discuss important issues within the comic industry. It has also become a great way to generate new readers as it pulls in approximately 4 million plus impressions a week.

This Sunday we are talking about the comic press. Tweeters will be tasked with answering questions about their views on the comic media, and what can be done to improve indie comic coverage. We will also include an open mic, if you will, for the comic media to come and help indie creators with advice on how they can better their approach towards getting coverage. If someone can tell me how to get other top comic “journalism” sites, for example, to give a shit about the biggest trending indie comic movement that would help us tons.

The main goal of this weekend, and all other weekends, is to help grow the indie comic landscape. We do this by gathering as a community as we all help each other out with advice, and if the event trends (which I believe it has done roughly 20-25 times in a row) it introduces our indie comics to new readers that may not know where to find them otherwise. This helps build foundations for a healthier comic industry by giving creators a platform every week to share their work, and get advice on how to hone their craft.

On that note, I’d love to see some Bleeding Cool readers, writers and editors showing up this Sunday. If you want a further explanation of the event you can visit my website here, or ask me questions about it on Twitter @JamieMeWrites. Thank you for reading, and swing by Sunday at 10.00am PST (1800 GMT) if you fancy it.

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