Dean Haspiel Has A Plan To Save The Fantastic Four

The confirmation of the news that the Fantastic Four was cancelled as a comic book came this week finally, alongside the closest you’d get a confirmation of the reasons why.

fantasticfour7img5-932x1415But comic book creator Dean Haspiel, who worked on the Fantastic Four comic in recent years, has a solution. Marvel have only to ask him. He writes,

I actually developed an FF concept that I believe would be a very fun, exciting and controversial yet respectful way to bring back the FF and put them into regular rotation. In a burst of inspired anxiety, I wrote it a year-and-a-half ago when rumors of Marvel cancelling the FF started to hit the internet. I know it’s hacky for a fan cum pro to complain and then claim they have a solution but I’ve been loyal to the FF for 40-years and I’m passionate about this particular comic book series. Hell, it’s what creative people do and I couldn’t help myself. I’m genuinely sad to see my favorite superhero team disappear and, perhaps, planning a way to perpetuate their monthly existence is a coping mechanism-of-sorts. At least there are so many great FF stories to steep in by the likes of Kirby & Lee, John Byrne, Waid & Wieringo, and many more custodians of “the world’s greatest comic magazine.”

Is any Marvel editor out there just the teeniest bit curious?


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