Disposable Heroes Are Missing In Action?

Disposable_HeroesThe website for popular Irish online comic store Disposable Heroes reads "WE ARE REFRESHING THE SITE. THE SITE WILL BE LIVE AGAIN SHORTLY".

The problem is that no one has heard from them in quite some time, and they haven't replied to Bleeding Cool's e-mails. Their Facebook page hasn't updated since 19th December, they haven't tweeted since and their eBay page has all but disappeared with plenty of negative eBay responses…

And the items they have left… Are they trying to say something?




People started to seem to see something was up in mid December… But soon the language was a little… fruitier.

Stephen Thomas‎: LYING THIEVEING SCUMMY TW-T. Takes payment then sends nothing!!! Look at his feedback on Ebay and facebook posts its all there in black and white to see what a dismal company/scam he runs. Ignores all messages on facebook and ebay and if your lucky to get one there is no apology jusy his bullsh-t excuses of "Its royal mails fault" or "its left ages ago". So thanks for taking my money and giving me nothing. Oh and anyone reading this take your cash elsewhere plenty of other places that provide a geunuine service.

‎Danny Ray: Has anyone had any deliveries today? I really don't know what to do. Do I put in loads of PayPal claims for partially filled pre-orders and almost certainly miss getting many of the titles elsewhere at this stage or wait and see if DHC honour existing orders?
If existing orders are not honoured then missing titles will almost CERTAINLY be impossible to find at reasonable prices!
All it would take would be a quick message from DHC to let us know if they will be sending us our stuff!
It's so out of order to treat loyal customers like this.

Bruce Kent: I have 124 pre orders paid through PayPal via the DHC website.
I am very concerned as I believe DHC have been brilliant over the last 12 months of buying from them. Not once have I had an issue. Something must be genuinely wrong because I don't get the impression these guys would throw this business away and lose good regular customers.

Okri Andras: This is the end of the world! Have you gone out of business, and flee with our money and comics, or what? At least someone should make an update, so folks don't get the wrong idea and pitchforks thereafter..

Danny Ray: Getting worried now. I have 80 comics on preorder and nothing new is going up on website and existing items have almost all been discounted. Will be a nightmare getting PayPal refunds for so many partially filled orders etc.
Just wish someone would come on and let us know what's happening.
I'm hoping they just had a long Xmas break going into new year.
I hope all goes back to normal tomorrow! I'm used to your site. Cmon sort it out fellas

Now there's almost resignation…

Marcus Sutton: Thoroughly disappointed to see that all of my orders are likely to not arrive leaving me about £30 out of pocket. That and the fact I've missed out now on 1st prints of all my favourite series

Michael Dodsworth: I'm trying to figure out when the last week of 'new releases' that DH delivered. I got Goddamned #2 delivered which was released on 16th Dec but nothing since then.
Has anyone had anything that was released later then this delivered yet?

Gareth Dickenson:  Sad to see the end of DHC, i would recommend OK comics or close encounters. I have used ok comics for my mail order stuff for a few years now, they are very helpfull a knowledgeable if you have any questions email them. Recently close encounters opened a shop near me and i have found them also to be very helpful.

Marc Williams: Sad to see that something is awry at DHC. For anyone looking at alternate suppliers, can I add my support for the earlier recommendation for ACE Comics. They run an online subscription service – http://economic-comics.co.uk/ – as well as short subscriptions from their own website too – http://acecomics.co.uk/subscriptions/. Good pedigree as they've been trading for 35 years.

Mark Pond: As a plain old member of the public who has a passion for comic books, I understand through the grapevine that people's orders are not being fulfilled by Disposable Heroes and as result are seeking refunds. If people out there are looking for an alternative I can happily recommend A Place In Space (96 Church Street, Croydon / 020 8686 2400 / aplaceinspace@hotmail.co.uk). As a testimonial, I have been a customer of the shop for over 15 years and cannot fault any aspect of the business, whether that is face-to-face interaction, online orders or any other form of interactions. Every week there is a comprehensive range of new books available in store an online that include all of the expected titles but other smaller indie titles as well. Where you spend your hard earned disposable money is your choice…my choice is A Place In Space!

However, the zombie is still twitching. From yesterday…

‎Scott Aitken: Just had 2 of my 3 outstanding orders delivered today, waiting for one pre-Christmas order. Had just put in a Paypal dispute yesterday.


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