Stefan Kapicic Revealed As The New Colossus In Deadpool

kapicicDespite previous comments from actor Andre Tricoteux on his role as Colossus in the upcoming Deadpool, Entertainment Weekly reports actor Stefan Kapicic will be the mutant’s final form, replacing Tricoteux at “the eleventh hour” and completing his work on the film just a short time ago.

Noting director Tim Miller‘s wish for Colossus to be as close to the character’s comic book counterpart as possible, Kapicic said, “He had me to come in, since my voice was what he envisioned for Colossus, who has an authentic Russian accent.”

“My character’s voice gives him the past history as Piotr Rasputin once you hear him speak,” he added. “This made him the most authentic to the original idea of the comic book character.” Though both director and actor gave the accent several tries, Kapcic said it is not much different from his own.

The part will be a combination of his own performance and an unnamed motion capture artist as Kapicic said part of Miller’s vision for the character is “bigger and stronger than everyone else” at over seven feet in height. Kapicic is a mere six-foot-four-inches.

Deadpool will arrive in theaters on February 12th, 2016.