Build Your Steve Rogers Captain America Promotion From Marvel At Your Local Comic Shop

Iron Man has had one. Deadpool is getting one. And now Captain America is as well. But only the Steve Rogers one. A “Build Your Own Classic Captain America” Promo Item Set from Marvel. And tied to the Avengers Standoff series. The Steve Rogers, rather than the Sam Wilson model. More evidence?

If a store exceeds 150% of orders for All-New All-Different Avengers #2 when they order Avengers Standoff: Assault On Pleasant Hill: Alpha #1, they’ll get 2 free bundles of the first part, or 125% and get one. Extra sets can also be ordered, and will arrive on the 2nd March.



For part two, order 125% or 90% of Uncanny Avengers #3 for Uncanny Avengers #7. Arrives 9th March.

For part three, order 125% or 90% of All-New All-Different Avengers #3 for All-New All-Different Avengers #7. Arrives 16th March.

For part four, order 125% or 90% of Captain America: Sam Wilson #2 for Captain America: Sam Wilson #7. Arrives 30th March.




Details for parts five and six are yet to come….

Here’s what the Iron Man one looked like.



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