Marvel Hints That The Punisher Is Coming To Weirdworld

Weirdworld (2015-) 005-017In CBR’s regularly PR-arranged interview with Marvel’s EIC Axel Alonso, he gave this response to a question about the scope of the new Weirdworld series.

To fans, I’d say: Weirdworld is here to stay. It’s an essential component of the Marvel Universe. Anyone that’s been jonesing for the type of dark fantasy that was pioneered by Robert E. Howard or Tolkien or Marvel’s classic “Weirdworld” series from back in the day, will find what they want in this series. Barbarians — check. Wizards — check. Elves — check. Cavemen — check. Dragons — check. The Punish — Next question!

Would that be the regular Frank Castle? Or a  Frankencastle?

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