How Many Doctors? (SPOILERS)


Bleeding Cool wrote about last night’s Doctor Who here. But we didn’t quite do the maths. Well Matthew Craig did. He writes to Bleeding Cool, regarding last night’s episode Heaven Sent. Spoilers, obviously.


Assuming a round figure of two and a half billion years of beak-sharpening, and assuming (a BIG assumption, to be sure) about three days per iteration of the Doctor, you can figure, based on a solar year of 365.25 days, that there have been approximately three hundred and four billion, three hundred and seventy-five million and twelve Doctors.

And not a single one of them ginger!

I am looking forward to The 304,375,000,012 Doctors episode. No, wait, The 304,375,000,024 Doctors. Have to count the others as well…

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