10 Pet Toys Of The Walking Dead – From Severed Arms To Well Walkers

Walking Dead may dominate screens with two television series and a webisode, comic books with one of the best selling series and the best selling collections, and extending its reach into novels, games, toys, statues and more… but there’s still one place it hasn’t dominated. Until now.

The pet store. Because every Walking Dead fan needs to extend their love of the show/comic/game/ap to their faithful friend.

Here are ten Walking Dead toys and accessories currently on sale.The Daryl Collar with Bandana. Because men of a certain type with a certain dog love Daryl.



A Daryl Leash, if the bandana is just too fancy.

A Daryl Wings Dog T-shirt as the weather begins to nip.
TWD221_DarylsSquirrels-on-a-Rope_TugToy_01_grandeDaryl’s Squirrels On A Rope Plush Tug Toy. Seriously this is an officially sanctioned item. ouldn’t your dog prefer real squirrels to rip apart?



Fight The Dead, Fear The Living Leash when ypu just want to spread the fear…

A Severed Walker Arm Tug Toy. Again, this is considered a perfectly acceptable toy for pets. Maybe you can train them up to the real thing.Product_TWD211_GovernorPlush_01_2048x2048_ab1fb634-9c0b-44e6-bc06-6f2ae6086d28_grande

The Gvernor Plush Chew Toy so you can re enact his death scene again and again.Product_TWD217_Shirt_WalkerBait_2048x2048_142e03fe-f68b-4fe5-a1f4-c965e1ba1b16_grande

Walker Bait Dog T-Shirt if you want to make your dog a target.Product_TWD-212_WellWalkerPullToy-1_2048x2048_b86fb815-28da-4ca2-8401-27e5c3d55104_grande

A Well Walker Plush Tug Toy for the more esoteric Walking Dead reference.

That’s all for now, but what other possibilities could there be? A Whining Carl plush toy? A Rick Sheriff dog hat? Lucille?

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