Neal Adams Talks About Participant Comic Book Art Auctions

Posted by November 26, 2015 Comment

lfNeal Adams writes for Bleeding Cool,

The dust has settled. The original cover art for Green Lantern/Green Arrow #76 was auctioned and sold at Heritage for $442,000. Incredible price, yes?

I and my family shared in the income for this sale and in return I sanctioned and approved of the validity of the sale, as everyone knows.

As a result of this mutual co-operation, this auction was available for the whole world.

Did this full co-operation add to this historic price?

I think so.

It is my sincere hope that this singular event will encourage others, who wish to sell art that was not purchased “directly’ from its creator, get approval directly from  the artist or his/her family for such an auction, for a reasonable percentage of the sale.

Idea being, a much HIGHER, price may result to the benefit of all parties!

In future,…it may come to pass, that Any continuing sales. of any piece of art  will include a portion of the PROFIT,.. dedicated to the artist and his/her family!

Considering the massive profits involved in this procedure,..wouldn’t this be more than fair?

There are actually legislators considering this as a “law of the land”.

Best regards, and congratulations to all good and kind people directly  or indirectly involved in this auction!

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