Speculator Corner: Unboxing The Black Mask Box For Local Comic Shop Day (SPOILERS)

BlackMask_LCSD-SetFinalwTitlesFor Saturday’s comic store promotion Local Comic Shop Day, Black Mask are issuing We Can Never Go Home and Space Raiders hardcovers, exclusive to┬áparticipating stores.

But they are also issuing the Secret LCSD Black Mask Box Set.

Bleeding Cool was the first to work out that their comic Young Terrorists was the Avengers of the Black Mas universe, assembling characters from all the other books together.

Well, this box set brings the core books together, three comics, two collections, with limited edition, exclusive, interlocking variant covers- and other things.

Oh and guess what?

Someone has already opened theirs. Spoilers…

Local Comic Shop Day is looking like it’s going to be one of the biggest comic book speculation days the comic industry has has since President Obama first appeared in an issue of Spider-Man.

And this box set has just leapt to prime position.

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